Thursday, October 6, 2011

leavitt - art army

'the art army' by seattle-based artist michael leavitt is a collection of handcrafted action figures
that depict well-known artists in the manner of their individual work and style. including the likes
of takashi murakami (with removable glasses), jeff koons (with poseable balloon penis),
and ai weiwei (with removable digital camera and articulating cell phone phallus), the series is
a part of leavitt's on-going work where he explores the phenomenon of idolization within
the world of contemporary art and culture.

each figurine is fabricated from scratch using coloured polymer clay and feature at least
20 to 30 body part pieces . no more than 10 editions of each model is built and comes with
a choice of three display configurations: hand-built recloseable package, custom diorama background,
or a glass dome and plastic base. 

- designboom

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